Boat show wishlist

By Jennifer Moran

The small brouhaha that arose when a number of women commented on the Facebook page of a major Australian boatshow about the offering the organisers had made for “women on water”, led me to contemplate the kind of program I’d like to see available next time around.
I think it would be great if there were a number of two- or three-hour seminars (or even half-day or full-day seminars) available like:
1. Navigation basics
2. Navigation advanced
3. Docking like a pro
4. Your medical aid kit – and how to use it
5. Diesel mechanics basics
6. Diesel mechanics advanced
7. Troubleshooting for diesel engines
8. First aid for boaters
9. Solar, wind and your batteries
10. Splices and knots
11. Radar, AIS and sonar- an introduction
12. Radar, AIS and sonar – advanced
13. Weather basics
14. Weather advanced
15. iPad Apps for boaters
You get the picture – things that would allow women to build on the skills they bring to boats.

Who knows, it might even encourage women (and their men) to attend more than one day of the show.
Disclaimer: I was one of the women who commented on the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show Facebook Page.

© Jennifer Moran 2015

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