Search vessel to look
for missing crew

By Jennifer Moran

Weeks after a stricken catamaran was twice sighted floating upside down in the Indian Ocean, and two weeks after it first claimed to have hired a specialist team in Mauritius to search for the yacht, Sunsail has now announced that on 1 July it appointed a specialist firm in Mauritius to “investigate the area identified by the MRCC as the most likely location of the upturned and as yet unidentified yacht”.

Three men, Anthony Murray (58), Reginald Robertson (59) and Jaryd Payne (20), are missing. They were were employed to deliver the Sunsail RC044-978 catamaran from Cape Town to Phuket and left on 14 December 2014. The men last communicated with family on 18 January 2015.

The vessel hired to search for the missing yacht is the Comarco Swift, according to Sunsail’s press release. Marine Traffic data shows the Comarco Swift is a tug registered in Tanzania, currently in Port Louis in Mauritius. She is 36.47m in length and has an average speed of 6.5 knots.

Sunsail says the Comarco Swift will leave Port Louis for the search area on 5 July, weather permitting, with a crew that will include divers and an independent observer.

In a stance that will appear to be more about the bottom line than answering questions, the company’s statement says: “If the yacht is found to be the RC044-978 and nothing is found on board she will be sunk.”

Following the sightings of the upturned hull, the families of the three men launched a fund raising effort through GoFundMe to locate, properly examine for survivors, secure and bring the upturned catamaran hull to port for investigation and examination by authorities, as well as for any legal costs that arise for the families. To contribute to the campaign, click here.

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